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Dining & Entertainment

PJ Billington’s

Our spacious restaurant offers both a large dining area and a friendly pub where you can unwind. Energize your day with a hearty breakfast from our breakfast menu; enjoy a local favourite from our dinner menu; or kick back, relax and socialize in PJ’s Pub.

PJ Billington’s features a fine array of appetizers and finger foods, chicken, beef and seafood selections that are available for business or casual dining. Our specialties include Old Fashioned Pan Fried Cod, or try other regionally inspired dishes like Newfoundland Seafood Chowder and Salt fish Cakes. No meal would be complete without winding down with a selection from our delicious Dessert Menu.

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The Lobby Bar is open until 9pm Sunday through Saturday for beverages and VLT’s.

Pub Beau Bois

From the French words beaux bois for “beautiful woods”, the Beau Bois is as original as the beautiful woods of Mortier Bay.

Join the crowd on Saturday nights and partake in a night of merriment & camaraderie that is so deserving at week’s end. A variety of local and around the “Rock” musical talent will keep you entertained as you party the night away. Drop by this Saturday night and join the fun!