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Day Trip to France

Thinking about Europe? It’s just offshore. Just 10 km off our coast. We’re not kidding. Google it.

How about a day trip to France from Newfoundland! Enjoy all that Burin Peninsula has to offer, then take the ferry from Fortune to the French Islands of St. Pierre et Miquelon. This is where Al Capone kept an eye on his rum-running business. (His name can barely pass their lips!)

Pack your overnight bag and stay at Marystown Hotel & Convention Centre (one night stay and a complete breakfast) for $71.50 plus HST per person* based on Double Occupancy. Then book your ticket online for your day trip to the French Islands. (*package does not include ferry to France).  Saint Pierre Ferries is just 45 minutes from Marystown Hotel & Convention Centre.

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Enjoy all that St. Pierre et Miquelon has to offer

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